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Calendar for 2016 – HERE (most links contain info in English)

Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports

Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports (LFSS) was founded on 3rd of March 2008. The same year we joined IFSS and had our very first sleddog race (dryland) and soon afterwards also the first snow race in sprint distances.

LFSS together with Lithuanian and Estonian Sleddog federations has created series of sleddog dryland races in all 3 Baltic states under the name “Baltic cup”. For more information in English about these races please see www.balticcup.net

LKSS also organizes public sleddog training days and helps the beginners with advice on how to start to train his/hers dog for active lifestyle and also sleddog races. See our club list here and more info in forum here

We are not only an open membership society, but we are always open for cooperation with other sports organizations!

If you have trouble understanding Latvian, we recommend Google Translator (automatic translation of www.sleddog.lv here).

For contacts please look here.

Facebook page here.

Our forum can be located here.

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